A few things about our fire surrounds you should probably know.

  • Why are there different prices per model and per type of cladding?

    Prices differ per model because of differing technical demands between, for example, the Carna and the Oronsay; the latter has more complex angles to cut and has the addition of LED lighting. In comparison, the Carna is relatively straightforward. In terms of cladding, new slate is less demanding to cut because it’s thinner and more evenly-shaped than recycled slate.

  • Do you do hearths and backplates?

    We can do, but it really depends on whether there’s anything in situ already in the space where your prospective new fire surround will go. It’s something we’ll gladly look at as part of a no-obligation visit, depending on your location.

  • Can we visit your workshop?

    Yes, please do. Many people like to see their prospective fire surrounds up close and it’s a good way to get a feel for the textures and colours involved. We have various models on display in the workshop.

    Please telephone for an appointment and we’ll gladly show you what we’ve made.

  • What sort of timescale is involved?

    We need to allow at least 28 days from confirming the order and initial payment, until shipping. This timescale does depend on your requirements, circumstances and other demands, but it seems a fair point from which to start. We will always be clear about timescales when we start our initial conversation: we won’t tell you it can be done in 4 weeks if we think it’s going to take 6 or 7.

    In terms of installation time, we estimate that if the old fireplace surround has been removed and the area prepared it shouldn’t take any more than approximately 2 or 3 hours to install it. We recommend you choose a competent builder or joiner for the installation work. Your fireplace will be delivered with a straightforward diagram and instructions about how to install it and what tools, nuts and bolts you need.

  • Distance no object?

    We can ship to anywhere in the world because the fire surrounds are modular and relatively easy to pack up in 4 separate, manageable packages.

    If you are a customer from outside the UK, estimating the cost of shipping to your location will be part of any introductory discussion we have.

    Shipping costs to UK addresses are included in the prices quoted on this site.

  • What care or maintenance does slate require?

    No maintenance is required to keep slate looking nice: this stuff normally lives on roofs, so it can take care of itself.

    The mantle is oak-clad and I treat it to a nice coat of beeswax before sending it on its way (see ‘'Man at Work'’ photos. It will only require a wipe with a cloth occasionally to remove dust. If you choose other materials, such as glass or ceramics, we’ll advise you about care and maintenance.

  • What about safety and longevity?

    The frameworks of our fireplaces are made from modern, heat-resistant MDF, using adhesives designed for extreme conditions. The fireplaces have been tested for several months in real-life conditions with significant heat from multi-fuel stoves.

    Slate of course will withstand pretty much anything encountered in a domestic environment.

  • Can the fireplace be moved at a later date?

    Yes. Because of the modular design and construction the fireplace surround, units can be unbolted and dismantled if so required. This design feature makes it handy for easier storage until further use. Of course, it would be helpful if the fireplace to which you are moving it is the same size as the one it was made for…

  • Will my cat like it?

    Our extensive research and evaluation programme appears to suggest the answer’s most likely ‘yes.’

    Islay Jura