Traditional methods. Modern thinking.

From the simple to the striking.

I make a traditional slate ‘jacket’ around a 21st century frame, creating the illusion of a solid slate and oak piece, while in reality it is hollow, relatively light, modular, mobile and easy to put together (think large Swedish furniture manufacturer, but with better names). This means that it can be transported to pretty much anywhere, installed with a minimum of fuss, removed when you sell your house, and replaced in another room or house – provided the size fits. A mixture of new and recycled materials, and LED lighting, make it undemanding on the environment. Practical, flexible and planet-friendly: modern thinking.

Unique modular design

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The modular design allows for easier transportation, installation, storage and removal. Due to the solid construction and build quality it is easier to assemble the sections as required rather than lift one solid lump into place: easier for assembly but less work for the osteopath. Your fire surround will be delivered with clear instructions about how you or your builder can install it. It can be dismantled and moved if required, unlike solid-built slate or traditional stone fireplace surrounds, which tend to respond to movement only when a sledgehammer gets involved.

I love my slate fireplace: it’s a very striking centre-point in the room and makes the most of my wonderful stove.

Arra cut lots of different sizes and shapes of slate pieces and put them together in a way that brings out their natural beauty. The texture and colour of each piece of slate is unique and lovely to look at and the whole structure is complemented by the warm oak mantelpiece. Having all this natural material around is like having my own Andy Goldsworthy sculpture in my living room!

I am also enjoying the bonus of the spotlights which light up the dark materials and show off the patterns of the slates.

N. Westwood, Ardgour, Lochaber

Quality craftsmanship

Your fire surround is built to a very high standard using only the best available, safest and strongest (18 mm) high-spec MDF, adhesives, slates and LED lighting. All sections are cut, sanded, nailed, glued, screwed and clamped to give a solid construction finish.

The slate is a mixture of new and old and is hand cut into the various sizes and shapes. We have heat-tested several fireplaces in the most real-life and extreme circumstances we could. These pieces will last, and last and last. And, with virtually no maintenance to speak of other than dusting the mantle occasionally, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your favourite piece of furniture.

How can you resist?

Once you’ve had a look at my work and realised that your life won’t be complete without one of my fireplaces, you’ll find the next step detailed on the ‘Order’ page.